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MTX-5 Mugen seiki

Mugen MTX-5 1/10th 200mm chassis

Mugen Seiki Japan have released the first photos and specs for their all new 1/10th 200mm chassis, the MTX-5. Shown in CAD form for the first time at last February’s Toy Fair in Germany, the Robert Pietsch designed car looks close to release, however no date has yet been set.

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Technical Data:

+ Length-----------380mm

+ Width---------max. 200mm adjustable

+ Wheel Base---257.5mm~260.5mm adjustable

+ Tread (F/R)--173mm/169mm

Front Caster Angle--6.4°~13.8° adjustable

+ Gear Ratio---1st. 7.24:1 / 2nd. 4.69:1

Technical Information:

+ Aluminum front/rear bulkhead

+ Special radio tray module for both lay down servos and receiver including mountable receiver box

+ New system for faster belt change

+ New fuel tank mounted from upper side

+ New front upright system that easily changes the king pin angle by option parts

+ Aluminum middle shaft

+ New rear brake system

+ Fast change roll center

+ Fast change steering ackerman

+ New front bumper

+ Adjustable weight balance

Lightweight gear differentials

+ New internal gear ratio

+ New anti-roll bar system

+ New clutch system