Liste des produits de la marque : Revolution Design

Revolution Design Racing Products, or RDRP in short, is founded by Ruddog Distribution owner Sven Rudig and former RobitronicSerpent and Team Durango designer Michael Vollmer.

Both are passionate RC-Car racers for years and decided to release the new RC-Car accessories brand RDRP. The company is run by Sven Rudig who also owns Vampire Racing and newly founded Pulse RC.

Revolution Design Racing Products are unlike other aftermarket companies and focus on self-designed accessories, components and tools never seen in this form or function before to make setting or maintaining RC-Cars not only easier but also a lot more fun.

All products are designed in Germany and manufactured using global sources to ensure the highest possible quality standards at a reasonable price. All parts are made from high-tech materials like aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminium and high-quality spring steel, sport laser-etched scales and markings for the highest possible precision and easy-to-work-with attributes and are designed and tested to create the most durable and functional tools known to mankind.

Michael Vollmer: „The motivation to make things better was my thinking from the beginning of this sport. To make 100% uncompromised products is the philosophy of Revolution Design. You will find attention on every detail of all products. You will feel the quality and you will love the innovative design – Revolution Design!