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SkyRC Digital Tweak Corner Weight Scale, Bluetooth System


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Gram Accuracy in measuring to RC hobbyists' satisfaction

RC cars run off the track, tip over, run with tires wore eccentric from time to time. These are the typical results of incorrect CG(Center of Gravity) due to the unbalanced four wheels. Uneven wheel weight distribution will cause the car to sway more in one direction than others. In this circumstance, the car will run unstable, difficult to control!

Small in size, Big in performance

SkyRC smart weighing system is small and portable in size. It can accurately measure the weight distribution at the racing car's four corners. So RC racer can quickly adjust the weight at each corner to the best balance effect and win the race.

The weight and protocol data are transmitted to the mobile App in real-time via Bluetooth.
The APP can set each scale by coordinate and save the real-time weight at the respective corner. The total diagonal weight is automatically calculated on the go!


Size and Weight

Dimension: 68*68*22.5mm