Xtreme MACH1 Clear Body 0.7mm 190mm Agrandir

Xtreme MACH1 Clear Body 0.7mm 190mm


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Mach1 - this is the name of the further development of the popular Twister and Twister Speciale body from Xtreme Aerodynamics.

The team around Cristian Boni has once again designed a great body, which has also attracted attention with fast lap times during the test drives.
New features of the Mach1 are the striking front around the radiator grille and the headlights, as well as a new design of the front wheel arches
These now direct the air coming from the front even better over the roof and sides of the body, to the rear of the rear spoiler
The overall aerodynamic efficiency has been improved.
The result: more efficiency, more downforce, more cornering speed!