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IRIS ONE.05 FWD Competition Touring Car Kit (Carbon Chassis)

IR-10005 carbon chassis

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The Iris ONE.05 FWD touring car is based on the ONE.05 touring car, the second generation competition car kit designed and developed entirely by RUDDOG. It features a forward mounted motor and battery for optimised weight balance and performance. The central single belt drive has a machined aluminium pulley and is highly efficient for the low power 17.5T and 21.5T motors. It also has FWD-specific steering geometry to meet the needs of the FWD class, while still sharing the majority of components with the Iris ONE.05 touring car for easy and simple parts management.

It now has an updated and optimised shock linkage and a carbon fibre rocker arm that reduces roll when cornering. New chassis locating pins on the bulkheads, motor mount and damper cases not only improve durability, but have also allowed us to redesign these parts and make them lighter, saving over 25g in total.

Many unique details, such as an optional direct mount aluminium fan, have been incorporated into the design of the Iris ONE.05 to give you an edge over the competition.

FWD features:

·         Forward mounted motor and battery, for perfect weight distribution

·         Aluminium belt pulley

·         Centralised single belt drive

·         FWD-specific adjustable steering system

·         Included front centre steel weights

·         Carbon Chassis


New ONE.05 features:

·         Updated shock linkage geometry: for less roll and higher corner speed

·         Chassis pin locators on bulkheads, motor mount and damper housings

·         New lightweight upper and lower bulkheads, motor mount and damper cases

·         Over 25g lighter than the Iris ONE

·         Improved V2 differential and shock seals

·         Reduced chassis front overhang, with carbon front bumper mount

·         Optional redesigned heave shock


Legacy features:

·         Unique torsion spring design

·         Single lever rotational shocks

·         Pushrod suspension

·         Double wishbone design; identical arms on all four corners

·         Ultra narrow bulkhead design

·         Steering assembly with easily adjustable Ackermann geometry

·         Adjustable track width with inserts

·         Sturdy and fully adjustable suspension

·         Optional direct-mount aluminium high-speed fan

Due to ongoing R&D, photos may not match the final kit. The shown vehicle is equipped with battery, electronics, wheels, pinion, spur gear and servo arm that are NOT included in the kit.